Da Mar Gunsmith's  is a Full Service, Federally Licensed Gunsmithing Shop located in Weedsport, NY. We offer a full machine shop, sell new and used guns and offer parts and accessories. We offer a wide array of services from Accurizing Slug-guns, Trap Guns, and Rifles, to Routine Maintenence, Stock Refinishing, Re-Bluing, Repairs and Restorations.  We also assist in gun transfers.  
  Da Mar Gunsmith's is known nationally for our work accurizing modern slug guns. Our process for accurizing shotguns has been a work in progress for over 30 years. We offer the most comprehensive pacages available to shotgun and slug guns anywhere. We have packages available for Remington 11-87, 1100 & 870's, Browning Gold/Silver & BPS's, Winchester SX2 & SX3. We are constantly striving to expand our accuracy work to other makes and manufacturers, we will be updating the sight for new packages as they come available.    
 The Da Mar Shotgun Mount is a product of the first 24 years of the business. Shotgun hunting for deer and turkey became a staple to hunters all over the country. As with all things, there was room for improvement. The Da Mar mount was developed in 1994, by Dave Klotz. Its sole purpose was to be the strongest mount one could install on a shotgun that would not shoot loose, like many of the industries offerings. Mission accomplished! The mount now see's applications ranging from The Canadian Mounted Police, SWAT, Practical shooters, to Deer, Bear, Elk, Turkey and Coyote Hunters alike. The Da Mar mount is known for its rugged durability, it is extruded from 6061 aircraft aluminum then machined for mounting holes and rail slots. It is finished in a Black Hard Coat Anodized Finish, you can rest assured that this mount will look good for years to come. When installed properly, We garauntee our mount NOT to shoot loose ever! Even on the thinnest Semi Auto Recievers or the heaviest recoiling guns/loads on the market! The DaMar Mount has moved the mounting holes of the base to the thicker side walls of the shotgun recievers. There are 6 (six), 6x48 threaded holes drilled and tapped into the receiver at opposite 45 degree angles. Three per side. This technique oleviated the problem of scope mounts shooting loose from these types of shotguns recievers. We adapted a standard Weaver Style Rail to our mount, this allows for the use of any Weaver style rings. The DaMar Mount is available in 10 different mounts covering over 60 different shotgun applications. 
  Another aspect of the first 24 years of business was a develpment Dave Klotz had while being a Service Center for Remington Arms Repairs. The developement was Barrel Pinning... This proved to be a huge advancement in the accurizing of shotguns, more specifically Remington Shotguns. By pinning the barrel to the receier of the gun, this eliminated barrel movement from shot to shot. Eliminate barrel movement, improve accuracy!
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